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ANKORYA’s plot was originally carved into the cliffside in the 1930’s by a family who built a small tea hut here, first used as a rustic holiday getaway, and later as a full-time family home - They carried every building material down the cliff by hand to build the timber chalet on-site. Now, ANKORYA is being shared with holiday makers for the first time in its history by its new owners and caretakers, Roxy & Phil who have been upgrading and modernizing it since early 2023.

Some interesting facts about the cliff chalet: 


  • ANKORYA sits perched on the cliff directly above the still visible engine boiler of the shipwrecked vessel Chancellor on the beach below. The Chancellor was wrecked in 1934 and bits can still be found below shifting sands.


  • Some interior walls in ANKORYA were built with scavenged timber from the shipwreck of the cargo vessel Kodima in 2002, which left the sandy beaches of Whitsand Bay littered with massive heaps of timber.


  • ANKORYA is fully solar powered, but with all the luxuries of a home on mains power, even on a cloudy day. ANKORYA has 3.3kW of solar panels and a 19kW lithium battery bank. All thanks to the ample Cornish sunshine.


  • What sets Ankorya apart from other chalets located on Whitsand Bay is the incredible privacy enjoyed by having no nearby neighbors and being located far from the road and near to the beach.

History of ANKORYA


About Us

Welcome to our home! We are Roxy & Phil - Two Americans who have been living aboard a sailboat since 2018. How did we end up in Cornwall, you ask? In 2020, we sailed across the North Atlantic ocean from Cape Cod, Massachusetts to the UK aboard our 47ft boat "Sonder." After spending the next year sailing and exploring the south coast of England, we absolutely fell in love with Cornwall.


In 2022 we stumbled upon the opportunity to purchase this chalet at the perfect moment. A special place for us to slow down and unwind from time-to-time, a place for us to be grounded on land. We named it ANKORYA and set to work DIY refurbishing the interior and building a power system to operate on solar panels and lithium batteries, much like our boat does.


We are absolutely delighted to be able to share our little hideaway with others when we are back aboard our boat - We hope you enjoy your time at ANKORYA and feel the same sense of overwhelming peace and tranquility that we do here. Welcome!


P.S - Feel free to come say "Hi" and see where in the world we're sailing by visiting our instagram page @SailingSonder or @AnkoryaCornwall

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- Roxy & Phil

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